Day 99: Good Friday

Thought I was on to something today — good deed multitasking.

On my way to pick up my mother from an appointment, I decided to drive as considerately as possible (as opposed to my usual “You’d like me to change lanes just to let you pass? Hah!,” style). I signaled politely, let others in ahead of me, and even drove the speed limit.

All this courtesy went out the window, however, when I entered the parking lot. I tend to get flustered in small, busy lots so I inadvertently cut one lady off and almost ran over another.

I tried to communicate my apologies via hand signals (taking care not to raise individual fingers) and was relieved to finally pull into the spot beside my waiting mom.

I noticed that the bank in the plaza had a barbecue set up, along with balloons and streamers. Bank staffers were selling sell hot dogs and hamburgers to raise money for The United Way.

Perfect. I figured I’d take my mother out for a quickie lunch and support a good cause at the same time (that’s where the multi-tasking part comes in).

She got comfortable in her walker, which doubles as a seat, and I ordered a hot dog and a hamburger with the works. My total came to $6.00 so I gave the ladies $10 and told them to keep the change, since it was such a good cause.

The man behind me in line said, “It is a good cause.” Then he also told them to keep the change. (I’m liking this whole chain reaction thing.)

I was feeling pretty pleased with how this all worked out till I got back home.

As I walked in, the phone rang. It was my mom. She sounded perturbed.

“I forgot it was Friday,” she said.

“So?” I replied, before the penny dropped. For my mom, Friday still means fish only.

“Oh, right. So did I,” I continued. “But look at it this way – how much actual beef do you think was in those burgers?”

“Nice try,” she said.

Then I remembered I’d once heard a priest say that instead of giving up meat on Fridays, Catholics can either give up something else or do good works. I told her about that and it seemed to cheer her up.

Guess she liked the idea of a good deed Friday….

P.S. One day to go till #100. WooHoo! If you have any suggestions for how I can help make someone’s day a little brighter, please let me know.


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