Day 103: Raining frogs

When you’re sitting around waiting — for the bus, the train, life to pass you by — nothing makes time fly like having something interesting to read.

I’ve even been known to peruse the instruction booklet for my phone when stuck in a subway tunnel.

That was my inspiration this morning — reading, that is, not the phone manual — as I remembered to take my newspaper along with me. I decided to bring it downtown and leave it in the lobby waiting area of my office building.

I’ve often seen people sitting there twiddling their thumbs so — eureka — why not share the paper before it gets recycled?

What I didn’t count on was the weather. It was raining frogs, as a friend of mine calls it (think cats and dogs on steroids).

It was one of those days when walking too close to the curb can get you soaked when a car speeds through a puddle and launches a tidal wave over you (I’m talking to you, cab drivers!).

The paper was too bulky to stuff in my purse so I ended up twisting myself up like a pretzel to try and keep it dry beneath my umbrella. This must have looked hilarious to passersby.

So I guess if I gave a few people a good deed and others a good laugh, my work today is done….


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