Day 109: Vote of confidence?

Today was so busy I had to schedule a meeting with myself just to take a bathroom break. (Sorry, too much information.)

On the way home I realized, yikes, I have yet to do one single good deed.

So even though I was sitting near the back of the streetcar, when it reached the last stop, the subway, I waited for everyone else to get off. I then walked up to the front so I could thank the driver as I left. He gave me a very warm “You’re welcome,” so I thought my deed was done.

But as I made my way along the crowded subway platform, I spotted a middle-aged lady wearing a very colourful outfit so I smiled at her as I passed. I figured a person doesn’t walk around downtown wearing a hot pink trench coat and white shiny go-go boots if they don’t want anyone to take notice.

And just when I thought the day was really done, it struck me that I had yet to perform the most important good deed of all — exercising my right to vote.

Tonight the advance polls were open and even though choosing a candidate this year is about as exciting as selecting a new deodorant, I think it is important to participate in our democracy. We are lucky enough to have one in Canada, after all.

It seems especially significant considering Canadian women had to fight for that right province by province from 1916 (Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta) to 1940 (Quebec, holding out another two decades!).

So I took my stubby pencil and marked my X and felt like I’d accomplished something today. Even if my beloved Rhinoceros party wasn’t fielding a candidate this time out….


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