Day 110: Braveheartsong

My piper had nicer sporran.
My piper had nicer sporran.

I pulled on a pair of gloves today and faced the ugly truth. Summer really is over. As I turned up my collar against the bitter wind and walked towards the subway, a strange noise drifted through the air from far off in the distance.

It took me a few seconds to identify the haunting sound — bagpipes. Was I hearing things, I wondered? Will the parade pass me by?

I looked across the street at a couple of buskers but they were strumming guitars — unplugged. I found myself craning my neck trying to figure out where the music was coming from, and followed it around the corner.

Then, finally, off in the distance I spotted the source — a bagpiper in full regalia, playing in front of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian church.

As you may recall from my previous posts, I have a soft spot for buskers — especially those wearing plaid!

Good thing was, I was prepared today and had a couple of dollar coins in my pocket. When I reached him, I tossed them in his cap. He did play well, but what really impressed me was that on a day like today he was brave enough to wear a kilt!

When I tossed in the coins, he stopped playing to polish his pipes (or whatever bagpipers do on a break). I thanked him for playing and told him the music had drawn me over from several blocks away, much like the pied piper. He laughed then got back to his next tune. (Was that Coldplay?)

I could tell by the grins on the faces going by that his music was brightening up the block. Guess he was really the one doing the good deed today….

P.S. Hearing this bagpiper reminded me of a funny story I believe originally came from Scottish TV designers Colin and Justin.

They recounted the time they attended an event in the U.K. where they were introduced to Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla. Apparently Camilla cheekily asked Colin, “What’s worn under your kilt?” To which he replied, “Madam, I assure you nothing is worn — everything is in perfect working order!”


3 thoughts on “Day 110: Braveheartsong

  1. Hello – I’ve been lurking at your “Good Deed a Day” blog for about the last 30 days. Miss your latest adventures (for the last two days)! Hope all is well.

  2. Please add: “Lurking and ENJOYING!!” your blog. I, too, have been inspired by David Archuleta.
    I find myself more kinder and with more energy than ever. I know the change has come from within me, but I’m sure the “voice” of an angel had something to do with it!! So, take care, and I hope to be seeing another blog entry soon.

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