Day 112: Note to self

I’m spending the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in a lovely small town in northern Vermont. It’s so far north in fact that it sits right on the U.S./Canadian border.


A sign of the times in recent years has been the increased security at the border crossing. I’m sure there are many additional checks happening behind the scenes, but even as a traveler who makes the crossing here a few times a year, you can’t help but notice the boost in manpower. 


And every time we cross, we notice they’ve installed some new piece of high tech equipment, such as vehicle scanners and time travel devices (gotcha, just kidding on that last one … I think).


Some local residents on both sides of the border have expressed mild frustration with the added time involved in crossing what used to be a fairly open border while others complain openly that “Big Brother” is watching everything they do.


In this town, one resident in particular has been very up front about his (or her) displeasure. I say “his or her” because I don’t know if this person is male or female – I’ve never seen them. What I have seen are the handwritten signs, notes and books on display at this person’s front door (which is directly across the street from the Border Patrol checkpoint.


These signs are usually along the lines of “Death to Fascism” and “Homeland Security is watching us all. Let freedom reign.” You get the idea.


Today though was a little different. As I walked past, I paused to read the latest postings – it’s kind of like an offline 3D blog – and the tone had changed. It seemed more upbeat. One note said “Life is precious” and another one said “I don’t own guns or do drugs, I don’t believe in them.”


For some reason, I felt I should I leave a comment for this fellow “blogger” to acknowledge this shift. 


So I tore a page from my notebook, pulled out my pencil and wrote a short note thanking him for the positive messages. I signed off the note with “God bless you” and wedged the note between the door and the frame.


Now I don’t usually include “God bless you” on blog comments but I thought, why only offer this sentiment when someone sneezes?


So whether you’ve just sneezed or not, may God bless all of you! Have a lovely day.


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