Day 114: A tire tale

Each time I travel in the U.S. I marvel at how big and bright and well-stocked the grocery stores are. There are so many brands to choose from and sales galore.


Some things are pretty much the same, though: The pyramids of cans that threaten to come tumbling down if you remove one item, the freeze-your-extremities off frozen foods aisle and the big bin at the exit designated for food bank items.


Today, I contributed a not-very-exciting but nutritious four-pack of tinned vegetables and was somewhat alarmed to find the box empty except for a bottle of dish detergent.


I placed my cans in the box and hoped that it was empty only because I’d arrived just after the food bank had made a pick up. If not, I might just have to go back tomorrow and add a little more….


Everyday hero

Today is Sunday and the everyday hero story I’d like to share with you involves … my husband. (Hope he’s not reading this, he would not think his actions were in any way special or noteworthy – you tell me.)


One day last week, I looked out the window and one minute my significant other (whose name is Guy) was cleaning out the trunk of the car (a good deed all on its own) to make room for the stuff we’d be bringing for this weekend’s trip. When I looked out again, the trunk was wide open but he was nowhere to be seen. I figured he’d been sidetracked by another pressing task or one of our neighbours.


When he ran back into the house with blood on his hands, my heart skipped a beat.


Turns out, while he was tidying the trunk, a car had stopped in front of our place with a flat tire. Guy ran out to tell the driver to pull into our driveway in order to get off the road. He then helped him chalk the tires so the car wouldn’t shift (did not know that safety tip), jacked it up and then changed the tire.


Without realizing it, in the process, Guy had cut both hands on some sharp edges. I cleaned and bandaged the cuts for him when he came in. (Seemed like the wifely thing to do.)


Of course, he didn’t think it was anything special to drop everything he was doing to help someone in need, and that’s why I’m including him here today. I know what you’re thinking … that guy should be writing this blog!


P.S. If you have a story about an everyday hero in your life that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it!



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