Day 116: Ready maid

I wasn’t planning for this to be a trash-collecting day, it just sort of happened.


It was a beautiful day for a walk – crisp and clear. The leaves left on the trees were brilliant yellow, red and orange. Then there were the blues, greens and silvers below – those were the iced-tea tins that littered my route.


I didn’t have a bag with me in which to collect everything, but there was a trash can nearby. I grabbed as much as I could carry and deposited everything in the bin, then looked for more.


The route was certainly a lot tidier than my street back home, however. It’s a Tim-Hortons-cup graveyard, most days.


Funnily enough, most of the items I came across surrounded the big shiny new gas station/convenience store/local hangout in town.


I almost didn’t continue my pickup detail because: (a) It looked as though this fast-food-packaging litter originally came from this store, and (b) I thought perhaps the owners should take responsibility for keeping their business premises (and surroundings) clean.


But then I remembered a study done a while back that found people were more likely to litter on a garbage-strewn street than a tidy one. If that’s true, I thought, then doing my bit to tidy up at least a few blocks might help keep them that way. With this in mind, I kept going.


After I was finished and walked back to the house, the first thing I did was wash my hands since those tins had been hot and sticky (*pauses for reader to go ewww*). Next time, I’m definitely going to try and be more prepared and bring a bag with me. A big one….



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