Day 117: Entertainment weakly

Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke.
Paul Newman as Cool Hand Luke.

A while back I decided to maintain my subscription to a weekly pop culture/entertainment magazine — not to read it myself, but to share with others.

This gets tricky with a weekly. If you don’t keep on top of things, before you know it, the back issues are stacked higher than the recycle box.

I’ve been giving issues to friends and neighbours, but today I thought I’d branch out in my periodical pass-around program. There’s a seniors home near my house and I strolled over there to drop off a bunch of magazines for their lobby or library.

I asked the attendant at the front desk if they accept magazine donations.

Now this woman looked as though I’d woken her up from a long nap and who could blame her. The lobby was so empty, silent and dimly lit, I felt like curling up in one of their wing chairs and catching a few Zs myself.

Without looking up, the attendant mumbled yes, they do take magazine donations, and that she’d take them to the library. When I handed her the mags, however, her eyes popped open like she’d just swallowed a double-espresso (I think Paul Newman might have been on one of the covers).

So I’m not sure if the magazines will actually make it to the library straightaway, but if it helps wile away the hours on desk duty, that’s okay by me….


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