Day 122: Guelph goodness

I’ve tried to be more considerate on the roads today — actually driving the speed limit!

I thought I was onto a good-deed possibility in the church parking lot when I spotted someone had left their lights on. I fished around in my purse for a pen to jot down the license plate number so they could alert the driver before mass.

Then, my husband reminded me that some cars take a while for the lights to turn off after the car’s been locked. I dutifully kept writing but, sure enough, the lights dimmed.

Oh well. If it ever happens for real — I’m ready!

On Sundays, I’ve been trying to highlight everyday heroes and today I found a whole city of them.

Turns out, the residents of Guelph, Ontario, (where my mother was born and a friend of mine lives, Hi, Ref!) were recently ranked by Maclean’s magazine as Canada’s most-caring citizens. (Gee, not sure I want to know where Toronto ranked….)

Guelph’s slogan is “Making a Difference,” and Maclean’s found that Guelphians (Guelphers?): “display a willingness to help others in their community and around the world.”

Guelph good-deeders
• Dr. Anne-Marie Zajdlik is an AIDS activist who has opened clinics in Guelph and Lesotho, Africa. With the help of Guelph citizens, Zajdlik has raised $1 million for the treatment of AIDS patients.

• Jamie Bickerton is an ordinary citizen who, after her father’s death from lung cancer in July 2007, decided to use the experience as a way to help others. Jamie organized a bowling fundraising event for the Grand River Hospital Cancer Centre, where her father had received treatment. The event raised $10,000.

• The Rotary Club of Guelph plans to purchase and organize the planting of 65,000 trees over the next 13 years, creating a forest that crosses the Guelph Lake Nature Centre.

Isn’t it inspiring to see how much of a different one person can make? Hope this song inspires you too:

(“Prayer of the Children,” by Kurt Nestor and Sam Cardon, credit Janey and SethAdamSmith via YouTube.)


3 thoughts on “Day 122: Guelph goodness

  1. Thanks, Refnaf. You’ve met Dr. Zadjlik, that’s so cool!

    And lostspud, thank you (love your screen name!) — is your blog called “Our Life Moments”? (I’ve been trying to leave a comment there but having tech. difficulties.)

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