Day 127: Good deeds come in small packages

Sometimes strangers come to your assistance when you least expect it. Today, my husband was at the checkout at the local pharmacy and his tab came to $18.01. He gave the cashier a $20 bill and she asked him if he had a penny to round off the amount.

When he said he did not, an elderly lady standing next to him piped up and said, “Wait a minute.” She then proceeded to find a penny in her wallet and hand it to the cashier. This story warmed my heart. I just wish I could have been there to give her a big high-five!

My own good deeds today were even smaller ones. I tried to be as friendly and pleasant as I could throughout the day and even held a few doors open (well, two). So I thought I’d share this great story with you (from the site).

A high school student was responsible for this good deed, so between this story and the penny-lady tale, it’s encouraging to hear random acts of kindness have no age limit!

Baskin Robbins (by MINtyfresh353)
I’m just a senior in high school who works for minimum wage at a local Baskin Robbins. In and outside of work, I always wear a smile and try to influence my amiable attitude towards others.

But lately, I’ve been inspired by the stories here to reach out in kindness in other ways beyond just acting friendly. So, today, when I went to work, I decided I would take my first big step and truly help a complete stranger.

Two young girls came into the store and looked around. I offered them my usual “Welcome to Baskin Robbins!” greeting. It was a couple of minutes later when one of them finally decided upon a flavor, chocolate chip. So then, I made a big scoop and put it upon a cone and handed it to her. Interestingly, though, the other girl didn’t get anything even though I could tell she was eyeballing the variety of creams.

So, I rung up the sale, and it was at this time that the other girl, who apparently was the younger sister, cried out, “I wish I could have something.” I knew when I heard this comment that it was my opportunity to impart a little something to her. So, I told her that I would pay for her scoop. She was in utter disbelief at my words. I asked her what flavor she wanted — cookies and cream — and handed her the treat. I then took out the $3 for it and placed it in the register without the employee discount.

She appeared so grateful and her older sister was still taken aback. It was truly wonderful to help this girl and make her feel special for a moment. It was funny, though, how my co-workers looked at me like I was crazy. But, I didn’t care that I spent a little, because the feeling I received from my action was worth a million bucks.


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