Day 129: Board member

One of my jobs as a freelancer is proofreading. Most of the time, the documents, articles and other materials are very factual so it’s easy to dot the i’s and cross the t’s without getting emotionally involved in each story.

Today, however, was different. I proofread a magazine that included an “In Memoriam” page. One of the items read, in part, “After a painful illness, John died in his sleep at the age of 49, at home in his apartment with his cats.”

I never met this man but I wept for him when I read this. There were no spelling mistakes in the item, no grammatical errors, nothing for me to do to the copy. But what I could do was say a prayer for John — that he rest in peace free from pain.

I’ve been trying to include stories about everyday heroes on Sundays. For the bravery to enter and leave this life alone, I think John counts as one.

Another everyday hero I’d like to mention is Rob Dyer, founder of Skate4Cancer. Rob, 21, is skateboarding across Canada — from Vancouver, B.C., to Halifax, N.S. — to raise awareness for cancer prevention. He started his marathon in the spring and is now only a few days away from reaching Halifax on Oct. 31. Congratulations, Rob!

Check out Rob’s blog at to find out more about cancer prevention.

P.S. A little music to warm your heart on a cold day. This video is part of the Bill Moyers PBS interview with Playing for Change founder Mark Johnson, who believes in “the simple but transformative power of music.” Enjoy!


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