Day 130: Chocolat chaud to go

Take me to your leader....
Take me to your leader....

In my good-deed travels, I’ve heard of many acts of kindness taking place at Tim Hortons, of all places.

I’m not sure if these coffee/donut shops are well known in the U.S., but in Canada, visiting Tim Hortons has become somewhat of a national pastime. No, forget the somewhat, it is a national pastime.

I’m not sure if it’s the smell of hot brewed coffee or the way the light twinkles on the donut glaze, but magical things seem to happen at Timmies.

Several people have told me they occasionally drive through the, um, drive-through and pick up the tab for the car behind them.

Others have recounted stories of buying a coffee for a stranger while inside the shop. And in a recent news-making incident, a Tim Hortons counterperson gave a free Timbit to a customer’s child (she ended up losing her job, which was later restored after a public outcry).

Turns out, there might actually be a scientific basis for this phenomenon. A new study by the University of Colorado at Boulder (as reported in the Los Angeles Times) found that people who held a cup of coffee for 10 to 25 seconds warmed to a perfect stranger. Hmmm, that would certainly support my personal Tim Theory (now if only I could get a grant to study it further!)

I live a stone’s throw from a Tim Hortons and each time I go in, I scan the place for one of these good-deed opportunities but, so far, no luck.

Then today, as I stood in line, an idea came to me (probably because said “idea” was on the eye-level shelf right next to me). A tin of Tim Hortons brand hot chocolate. What better way to brighten a gray day at the office?

So I bought a tin, brought it to work and left it in the kitchen (anonymously, of course). I attached a label that read: “Please help yourself.”

And since the temperatures plunged to 10C this damp, rainy Monday, not having to leave the building in order to get a Tim’s hot chocolate was probably the best deed of all….


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