Day 131: Cough it up

It really does taste bad. Like feet. Nasty feet.
It really does taste bad. Like feet. Nasty feet.

I had to think long and hard about whether or not to follow through with my good deed today.

Have you ever had one of those body-wracking coughs that make your eyes water and your ribs hurt? That’s been me the last few days.

I actually started to feel somewhat human today so I went into work.

But just when I thought I was feeling better, I was overcome with another coughing fit. It was terrifying. I couldn’t catch my breath and when I tried to put a lozenge in my mouth, I almost choked on it because I was coughing so violently.

So when I heard a colleague hacking away at a nearby desk, I had a crisis of conscience. Do I offer this poor person my last cough drop and risk another attack later? Or do I keep it for myself and listen to the woman suffer.

You’ll be relieved to hear that in true good-deed fashion, I decided to give away my lozenge. And I’m not just saying that. No, seriously!

But if you don’t believe that, you’ll never believe what happened next.

When I fished the cough drop out of my pocket, much to my astonishment, I actually had two left.

Maybe not loaves and fishes — more like Halls and Buckley’s — but a little miracle nonetheless ….


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