Day 134: Boo!

What a beautiful day for trick-or-treaters in Toronto. I remember as a kid heading out on many blustery October 31sts, my costume hidden by my parka.

And since it was such a beautiful day, I decided to stroll through the neighbourhood with my own bag. Not for candy, though, for trash.

Much to my surprise, the lawns and boulevards looked very tidy today. Either other good-deeders have been de-littering the area or the gale-force winds we had earlier in the week blew all the refuse to someone else’s street.

In any case, as I travelled a little further, I did manage to accumulate a bag full.

It’s funny. Judging from what I picked up, the worst litter offenders would appear to be hard-core junk-food junkies and smokers.

I never seem to find healthy-lifestyle trash. No apple cores, wheat germ packaging or yoga magazines.

Maybe the high-fibre-munching, nonsmokers just live in a different neighbourhood. They likely toss their Birkenstock boxes and tofu wrappers as much as the next guy.

In honor of Halloween, here’s a non-Halloween song, but a great one. Enjoy!


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