Day 135: Saturday night at the movies

Not my outfit at the movies.

Not my outfit at the movies.

For some reason, my local cinema picked Saturday night to train their new concession-stand staff. Probably the busiest movie night of the week. Go figure.

The lineup for the recycle-bin-size popcorn was long but I tried to be as patient as possible.

The man behind me gave up the effort and left in a loud huff.

By the time I got to the counter, three newbies were getting a crash course in how to work the pop machine from a senior staffer (very mature for his 16 years). Unfortunately, the even younger man who took my cash didn’t pass along my beverage request to any of them.

I was determined to keep my cool, however, and I reminded myself they were still learning and doing the best they could.

So I very calmly reminded the cashier that I was still waiting for my drink and, to his credit, he apologized and filled the order himself.

I’m not sure if I made things any easier for him, but at least I tried.

P.S. And what did I go see? Body of Lies starring Leonardo DiCaprio (who was EXCELLENT, as usual) and Russell Crowe (also quite good — gained weight for the role so you know he’s going for another Oscar nod). Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


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  1. refnaf

    must see… love Leo

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