Day 136: Watch and learn

Time for a good deed?
Time for a good deed?

There’s something so fascinating about watch works, isn’t there? No? Guess it’s just me.

Whenever I approach a jewelry or department store counter where a clock or a watch is being taken apart, I love looking at all the watchmaker’s mysterious tools, doodads and bits and bobs (impressed by my tech-speak yet?).

I was extremely embarrassed today however, when I brought three (count ‘em) three watches to the repair counter for battery replacement. The repairman took watch number-one and examined it closely.

“There’s nothing wrong with this watch,” he told me.

“But the time’s stopped,” I said.

He pointed to the button on the side. “It wasn’t pushed all the way in.”

Should I have told him I was only testing him? (Didn’t think of it in time.)

While I was waiting for him to replace the batteries in the two watches that actually needed work, a lady in her 70s stopped at the counter. She was smartly dressed in a cranberry wool coat and matching pillbox hat.

She looked impatient and asked the repair guy how long he was going to be.

He was just finishing up, so while I was getting my money out to pay, he replaced the missing pin that held on her strap.

“How much do I owe you?” she asked.

“No charge,” he said. She was startled, thanked him, straightened her hat and off she went with a smile.

That small gesture probably made that lady’s day. I know it did mine.

And my good deed? I made sure I told him so.

(And that’s why he’s my “everyday hero” for this Sunday.)


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