Day 137: Penny saver

A big thank you to everyone who has sent me good deed ideas — much appreciated. Today, for example, I’m trying something a friend suggested (thanks, Heather!). Since this good deed involved a two-step process, I’m going to describe Part 1 today and Part 2 tomorrow. Oooo, my first mini-series!

Part 1: The plan unfolds
Heather kindly told me about a website called where you can obtain free grocery coupons. My plan was to give the coupons away “anonymously” by leaving them in the grocery store for others to find and use.

Ordering the coupons couldn’t be easier. You simply click on the items you plan to buy, fill out an online form with your name and address and they mail them out to you in a few days.

There’s no charge for anything, not even postage.

According to the website, revenues are generated through the manufacturers, who are charged a small fee for coupons printed and mailed on their behalf.

I was a little wary about filling in my address, but that is the only personal information they ask for, and only after you’ve chosen your coupons. You also choose whether or not you wish to receive further materials from these companies — it’s up to you.

Selecting the coupons was tricky though.

I tried to pick things that were both essentials (baby food, toilet paper) and “luxury” items, like frozen pizza. It was harder than it sounds, but kind of fun too — like filling out one of those Glamour magazine surveys.

The coupons arrived in the mail today, all printed on one sheet. Saves waste and paper, along with money. Cool.

I formulated my stealth plan of action today. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading over to the grocery store with a clandestine roll of scotch tape and affixing the appropriate ones to their respective products, hopefully giving a nice surprise to the next shopper who happens by.

Stay tuned ….

P.S. And to entertain you while you stay tuned, here’s a lovely Spanish song that you can listen to here absolutely free. Enjoy!


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