Day 138: Shop girl

Clip clip hooray!
Clip clip hooray!

When we last saw Ms. Gooddeedaday, she was headed to her local grocery store brandishing a concealed roll of scotch tape and a pocketful of coupons … and she wasn’t afraid to use ‘em.

Part 2: Stalking the shelves
As I mentioned yesterday, this is the conclusion to my two-part mini-series. (Okay, it’s not Rich Man Poor Man but hey.)

After ordering the coupons online at, my plan today was to give them away by affixing the appropriate ones to their respective products.

I must say, it felt really strange roaming the aisles of the grocery store trying to sneak something onto the shelves. Like shoplifting in reverse.

As I found each item, I’d look over my shoulder to make sure no one was looking, then take the roll of scotch tape out of my pocket.

I’d advanced the tape, then stop in my tracks as that familiar crackling sound of the tape pulling away from the roll echoed through the quiet store. I was sure I was going to get busted.

An entire scene flashed before my eyes — being escorted out of the store by Mr. Grocer in his crisp red President’s Choice jacket. Me, throwing myself at the mercy of the produce manager. Thankfully, this did not happen.

The baby food and toilet paper caper went pretty smoothly. The toughest item to “coupon,” however, was McCain frozen pizza. (Who knew?)

I had to prop the freezer door open with my left elbow so I could use both hands to press the tape onto the pizza box until it stuck. This was not easy because it was covered in frostiness.

Between the freezer burn, a mini-anxiety attack and abrasions from the serrated edge of the tape dispenser, this was my most nerve-wracking good deed yet.

Can’t wait to try it again!


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