Day 139: Pick a card, any card

jokercardDo you believe in magic? I do. Not in the “Yes, David Copperfield really did make the Statue of Liberty disappear” kind of way. But in every day magic.

The reason I’m thinking in magical terms is that my father-in-law turned 95 on the weekend. Not because of magic, mind you. More like great genes, and a lifetime of indulging only “in moderation.”

One of this wise man’s many interests is magic. (His others include birding, flying and learning to speak French in his 90s — he’s quite a guy.)

So, at his party, my sister-in-law arranged for a magician to drop by and perform sleight-of-hand tricks and card illusions, much to everyone’s delight.

The pièce de la résistance was when Mr. Magic removed my father-in-law’s watch without him realizing it was missing.

Now, this magician was funny, entertaining and, of course, magical, so I’m sure he has no shortage of clients. But just in case he needed a few more, I recommended him to some business colleagues who often host corporate functions that involve entertainment.

Who knows? Maybe it’ll help him conjure up some new business (sorry, couldn’t resist) ….

P.S. Speaking of card tricks, here’s one for you. Abracadabra!


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