Day 141: Team Archie

Music piracy has become a serious issue for the music industry. “Why pay for something when you can get it for free?” seems to be the rationale among otherwise law-abiding folk who download illegally. I know artists should make music for the love of it — and most do — but, hey, they need to eat too.

In an effort to curb piracy on behalf of one recording artist in particular — a brilliant young singer named David Archuleta — some of his fans have banded together (pun intended) to form Team Archie.

This Team has organized online auctions, donations and a gifting program whereby fans who can afford to, buy CDs for fans who can’t.

They also gift fans in faraway countries who may not have access to U.S. CDs for months, if at all, and who may otherwise need to resort to pirating the discs.

I made a donation today that will allow at least five “International Archies,” as they’re called, to receive Archuleta’s debut release when it drops November 11th. This is music that will brighten their days (I know it does mine) and I’m thrilled to be able to share it. Go Team Archie!

Here are some messages from giftees around the world:

# Vietnam: “I am from Vietnam, a very faraway country from the USA. I am a diehard fan of David Archuleta…Lately I’ve heard so much about his first album, which is going to be released in this November. I very long for this album, you know, but in my country, it’s almost impossible to buy a physical CD. Moreover, I’m just a fifteen-year-old student, so I cannot afford one. . . . Will you please send me a physical CD of Archie. I’d be very grateful if you could help me.”

# Nigeria: “I am a fan of David Archuleta. . . . I find I cannot purchase his music, which has left me sad as I wish not to do so illegally which is how most music fans get their music in Nigeria …”

# Philippines: “I live in one of the provinces here in the Philippines,and unfortunately, we don’t have music stores. We have Internet access though. . . . Much that I want to have a copy of David’s songs, I don’t have any means to….”

# Portugal: “I’m a 17-year-old girl from Portugal who unfortunately can’t buy a copy of David’s first single – Crush. It’s really dreadful that most of the international fans can’t buy it… So I would be very pleased if you gift me one copy through Amazon, please help me…”

# “I am 61 years old and on social security disability without any other income or assets. I also support my adult son who is disabled . . .Archie supporters who are involved in this wonderful project of gifting and all their time involved are truly exceptional people and kudos to all involved. . . . Thank you so much for your generosity and God Bless All of You.”

A sample song from the CD. Enjoy!


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