Day 142: Guitar hero

My good deeds today were simple ones. I attended a beautiful wedding this afternoon and helped one lady up the stairs of the church while her son lifted her walker. Later, at the reception, I danced with a lovely gentleman who was there on his own. I don’t think he’s danced in a while but boy, he had some moves!

I’ve been trying to spotlight everyday heroes on Sundays. Today I read this wonderful story (on the website) about a musician who’s generous enough to share his guitar skills with others using the honour system and thought I’d share it with you.

Free guitar lessons by gipsysoul

“I have dreamed of playing guitar for years and recently decided to try it out!  While I was roaming around the web a few nights ago, looking for some how-to books and simple songs for beginners to play, I discovered a fabulous website ( developed by a young guitarist in London.

Justin’s site is truly a dream come true for any beginner eager to learn. There are over 100 five-minute YouTube videos where Justin covers different aspects of learning how to play the guitar. It turns out he is a really great teacher and I’m having the best time taking his ‘classes.’ It’s kind of amazing to be sitting here in Cape Ann and learning how to play an instrument from someone who is several thousand miles away and whom I have never met!

The reason I’m writing about Justin though is that there is something special and inspiring about the way he approaches teaching.  Here is what he says on his website about the extraordinary labour of love that he is making available to anyone who visits the site:

You will find lots of useful guitar lessons and information here – it’s all free, but works on an honour system.  If you can afford to pay for the lessons then please donate for what you use so I can continue developing this site and making it rock.  If you can’t afford to donate it is no problem at all! 🙂

I just love it that he’s choosing to just give his gifts away, trusting that his own needs will be taken care of one way or another.  Justin does not know what huge difference he’s made to my budding guitar adventures, but I plan to let him know about it with a smile card and a donation!”

P.S. In keeping with the music theme today, here’s a video created by Toronto video artist Michelinamarie to promote the November 11 release of a great new CD. Enjoy!


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