Day 144: P.S. I love you

rememberance-inside-en-frIn honour of Remembrance Day, I sent another letter off to the Canadian Peacekeepers in Afghanistan (see my blogroll for the link).

I think these brave men and women have been on my mind lately because the Globe and Mail newspaper has been running a very moving series of letters written during the Second World War between a Canadian soldier and his wife.

I often read these letters on the bus in the morning and it gets a little embarrassing when I dissolve into tears. It’s hard not to. You can just feel the loneliness and pain of separation from home and family in every line. I’m including one of the letters here.

Lest we forget ….

Dear Sweetheart,

I expect to go away from here for nearly a month on a spot of coastal duty. There’s a scheme starting soon and we from the holding units have to relieve some of the field units while it is on. So far the job I mentioned of Asst. Adj. hasn’t materialized as there isn’t room in the present office and they are getting some rooms in another building ready.

Did I tell you that I miss you? And Anne and Karen? I’d give anything to have one of them on each knee and read the Highwayman to them again and to be able to look up and see you. Just being in the same room with you would seem too good to be true right now.

It’s amazing how much we said to each other without words — just a look, a touch of the hand and no need for speaking. So many things come to my mind when I think of you that my heart is full to overflowing. Nothing but happy memories of six delightful years together. Remember when we used to go out to Mimico from Spruce Court when Anna was small and had to “bounce” her every time the car stopped so she wouldn’t yell.

And a host of others we both know so well. I’d like to read to you again, to bring Sunday’s breakfast to you and watch Karen and Anne try to get most of it even after putting away one of their own. And I remember things even further back than that.

Lovely memories of times we took the Shepherd youngsters out in “Penelope” – rides in the evenings and Sundays out along the Humber, over toward Brampton and Streetsville and again they’re all happy memories. Everything that concerns you is a memory of something lovely and the future looks good to me. With such a beginning and then this break that has made us realize just how fortunate we have been, the future can hold nothing else but long years of happiness for us. I love you!

And now sweetness it’s nearly bed time so I’ll say good-night to you and sweet dreams. With all my love to you, Anne, Karen and Nanny, I’m


David K.

P.S. I love you!


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