Day 146: Pencil pusher

"Madonna and Child with Book" by Raphael.In my blogroll, you may have noticed links to organizations working to end hunger, fund free mammograms and promote literacy in developing countries.

Just one click on a button at each site raises funds for each of these causes (through the site’s sponsors).

Guess what? I’m the one who’s overlooked them lately. Yikes. So I revisited them today … several times. And I discovered that the literacy site’s sponsors will double the value of each click made until November 16.

They’ve set a goal of 34,000 books for children in need and if I can help them reach that goal just by clicking a mouse — count me in! (Didn’t mean to be funny there.)

At the same site, you can choose from a selection of free e-cards that will automatically give additional funding to promote education when you send them throughout November. One of these special e-cards will fund one pencil for a schoolchild in Afghanistan each time it’s opened.

Books and pencils — two of my very favourite things. I’d better get clicking….


P.S. In the spirit of reaching out to “Somebody Out There,” here’s a beautiful song by that name from a new CD I picked up yesterday. Hope you like it.


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