Day 147: My cup runneth … away

Take me to your leader....
Take me to your leader....

Trouble with this whole good deed thing is that you start to notice so many things that you could help with, it’s hard to know which deeds take priority.

Today for example, I was about to let someone ahead of me as I exited the subway but then something on the floor caught my eye.

It was a take-out coffee cup. I didn’t really have time to decide whether to step aside for the other passenger. On reflex I lunged for the rolling cup and actually almost knocked the poor woman over in the process.

I ended up bolting out in front of her because the doors were about to close. Again, reflex. (I got my foot caught in the subway doors for a terrifying moment last week, so I was probably a little over-zealous in my exit strategy.) The lady did get off the train unscathed, I’m glad to say.

Picking up a stray cup may seem like a rather trivial good deed but, as it turned out, I couldn’t spot a trash can right away. So I ended up having to carry the thing through the station until I found one.

Later on, I happened to hear about a more substantial act of kindness, however.

The receptionist in the office where I’ve been working had been organizing company supplies and ended up with a box full of empty binders.

After offering them to staff and getting no takers, she donated them to a local elementary school, saying “schools always need supplies.”

Now that good deed deserves an A+….


One thought on “Day 147: My cup runneth … away

  1. Not sure if you knew, but Charlie’s school got some of the binders too – she said at first she didn’t know which schools to donate them to, so she asked people in the office where their kids went.

    Sure is nice working in a place with so many gooddeeders!

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