Day 153: Snow angels

snow_city-hall_red-sweater_kid_02It snowed in Toronto today. Small powdered sugar flakes, but lots of ’em.

It was just cold enough that instead of melting, they coated the ground like icing.

I never realized how much I associated snow with home until I lived in London, England, for one whole winter. It did snow once or twice there but it never stayed on the ground.

It was cute to see Londoners taking cover beneath umbrellas, and trains halted due to “severe” weather. I really missed the white stuff that year. How it softens the city’s edges and makes everything quiet.

But I digress … again.

The reason I bring up snow is that I passed a person sleeping under some of it this morning as I walked from the subway. I say “person” because I’m not sure if the person was a man or a woman.

They were burrowed inside a sleeping bag with the hood of a jacket over their head. A tattered paper cup sat beside them along with a Saran-wrapped sandwich and an orange.

I wished I’d had a granola bar or some fruit with me but did not. Instead, I added my coins to the few already in the cup.

The snow is really pretty today, but then again I’m mostly looking at it through a window while sitting in a warm, safe room….

P.S. Here’s a clip from a show that used to make me laugh, and laugh — this scene was about … well … snow.


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