Day 154: Boy wonder

Oops, wrong hat....
Oops, wrong hat....

There’s a little boy who rides my bus who you might recall me mentioning in a previous post. He’s about 7 or 8, wears a red knit cap and eyeglasses so thick I’m amazed he can see through them.

Actually, I don’t think he can very well judging by the way he stares at the ground as he walks, taking cautious steps, and how tightly he grips his mom’s hand.

There’s something so sweet about this mom-and-son pair, it catches my heart every time I see them rushing to catch the bus.

Today, they almost missed it. It snowed heavily last night and the mom was taking no chances this morning. She had her boy so bundled up he could barely walk. His feet were somewhere deep inside an enormous pair of tire-tread-soled snow boots. Such love.

I had been at the stop first, so when the line started forming, it coiled behind me. When the bus approached and these two toddled up just in time, I held back the hordes and motioned for them to get on first.

The mom gently but firmly guided her Paddington Boy to the only available seat, from which he peered through the fogged lenses trying to get his bearings.

I guess that seat could have been mine, but somehow I didn’t mind at all.

P.S. This impromptu “dance party” video cracked me up for some reason. Enjoy!


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