Day 158: Have a rice day

Going bowling.
Going bowling.

I’m getting better at remembering to pick up an extra item or two on each weekly visit to the grocery store and placing it in the food bank bin they handily position at the entrance.

The tough part is figuring out what to get. I was going with Tetra-Pak milk for a while, then peanut butter. Then I went a little crazy and got Cheez Whiz.

This time, I thought I’d get back to basics. Rice. Can’t get more basic than that, right?

The good thing is, rice sort of goes with everything and can be adapted to the cuisine of most cultures. According to Wikipedia, rice cultivation dates back to 7000 BC (and that’s just in my cupboard … bah dum bump).

Rice has certainly kept the Survivor cast going for several seasons, so you can obviously cook it using the most basic tools … and I.Q. (oops, did I say that out loud?).

While I was in the checkout line, a lady joined the queue behind me holding only a litre of milk. I suggested she go ahead of me (thanks for the idea, TBCS). She didn’t move, however. She looked a little terrified, actually, as if she was about to be the victim of a milk mugging.

I smiled, stepped aside and motioned for her to butt in. (To her credit, she might be one of those non-buttinski types that you rarely observe in the wild any more.)

Anyway, she reluctantly jumped the queue, then I paid for my purchases and placed my little package of rice in the food bank bin. If anyone has any ideas as to what type of non-perishable food would be a better choice, please let me know….


5 thoughts on “Day 158: Have a rice day

  1. My parents work at a food bank, and my mom says stuff like condiments is really coveted, like soy sauce, curry, ketchup, jam, honey, salt & pepper, seasonings, cooking oil – stuff that’ll make that rice or pasta or bread taste good.

    Also, powdered milk, bars of soap, toothpaste, razors, feminine protection.

    This is advice from the smallish food bank in Orillia – not sure about the one your grocery store is collecting for…

  2. Hello — I thought of you today. I went to my local grocery store where they have the self checkouts. As I started scanning my items, I noticed two quarters left in the coin return tray. I’m sure this change was just overlooked by the previous shopper. But on second thought, I wondered if the person had left the coins intentionally to surprise the next customer. Who was me!! Well, I was pleased to make this find; but, without hesitation, when my check-out was complete, I did leave those two quarters for the next person! Then on the way out.. I noticed a collection box for food donations that the local fire department had set up. I took my groceries to my car and returned to buy cereals and some canned goods – many more items than I would have donated in previous years! Yes, I was thinking of your post for today, and the others over the past few days that brought tears to my eyes. So, thanks for your generosity and for inspiring me (and others) to show extra kindness in many places.

  3. Oneweirdword and Refnaf, thanks for those great ideas, I never would have thought of condiments… or diapers!

    And Bea, thanks for posting that, made my day!!!

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