Day 159: Siren song

Randolph Mantooth at your service.
Randolph Mantooth at your service.

Walking home from the store today, I was about to cross at the lights when I heard a siren nearby.

I hopped back onto the sidewalk and saw the ambulance’s flashing lights approaching from the south. I wouldn’t have thought to mention this as a good deed except that two other pedestrians decided to bolt across the road at that point … and two cars kept driving.

This astounded me. As I waited on the corner, I saw a couple of cars pull over to the curb and stop only because they saw the flashing lights of the ambulance heading straight for them. The EMS driver had had to cross over into the oncoming lanes in order to get through.

Of course, the law dictates that you must stop for all emergency sirens, but that’s not why I got off the road.

I know if it were me or one of my loved ones who’d called 911, I’d be counting every second till help arrived. It might look thrilling to zoom down the street lights flashing and sirens blaring but I know those EMS drivers put their own lives at risk each time they rush to a call.

As I watched the ambulance screech around the corner, I held my breath as it approached my street (not sure why because there was no one home). Then. when it passed my street, I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe because it was a little too close to home….

Reader’s corner

I received this wonderful story from Bea on an earlier post and just had to share. If anyone else has a story or idea to share, please do. LOVE to hear them!

“I went to my local grocery store where they have the self checkouts. As I started scanning my items, I noticed two quarters left in the coin return tray. I’m sure this change was just overlooked by the previous shopper. But on second thought, I wondered if the person had left the coins intentionally to surprise the next customer. Who was me!!

“Well, I was pleased to make this find; but, without hesitation, when my check-out was complete, I did leave those two quarters for the next person! Then on the way out.. I noticed a collection box for food donations that the local fire department had set up. I took my groceries to my car and returned to buy cereals and some canned goods — many more items than I would have donated in previous years!”

Way to go, Bea! Truly inspiring!


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