Day 165: Once upon a time

My Fairy Godmother called in sick? No!!!!
My Fairy Godmother called in sick? No!!!!

Today was a Cinderella day at the office. I did my best to surreptitiously wash dishes, unload the dishwasher and take care of a few other step-sisterish duties.

The only difficult part was trying to do it quietly and quickly so the assigned kitchen person didn’t catch me in the act.

If they had walked in and found me tidying, this person might have:

(a) felt guilty that I’d taken care of their assigned duty or

(b) felt guilty that they’d fallen down on the job somehow.

Either way, it would have defeated the purpose of the whole good deed aspect of my efforts so I was glad that I finished up before anyone came in … oh, and without breaking anything.

I also made fresh coffee several times and even contributed one of the Post-it note sayings that get stuck to each new pot (along with the brewing time to give coffee drinkers an indication of its freshness).

My initial saying was “Just another magic Monday,” but as I walked out of the kitchen I remembered the actual Bangles lyrics: “Just another manic Monday” and went back to fix it. (Interesting Freudian slip, though.)

And speaking of magical manic Mondays, here is The Bangles’ tune for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!


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