Day 166: Park place

These are not my "man hands"... no, really.
These are not my "man hands" ... no, really.

I was the one who needed a good deed today. I parked in a public lot and tried to pay at the automated meter but it wasn’t cooperating.

It was supposed to let me set the estimated time I’d be there, accept my cash then spit out a ticket to be left on the dashboard.

Instead, I kept getting an error message and a line started to form behind me. No pressure.

Instead of punching the thing — which I felt like doing but, with my luck, would have caused a multiple fracture and I’d never play the violin again … (I don’t play the violin) — I explained what was happening and let the three people behind me go ahead. They seemed to have no problem getting it to work.

Thankfully, the last lady in line took pity on my situation and gave me a crash course (poor choice of words) on the quirks of the machine. She even waited and walked me through the whole procedure.

When it finally released my “paid” ticket, I thanked her and said, “I probably would have been there all day trying to figure it out” … sad, but true.

I’ll definitely remember her kindness (and her helpful tips) next time I need to use this parking lot.

On the way home, I tried to continue her example by being as considerate a driver as possible, but it’s not easy. If you let the big bus get ahead of you, the driver behind you isn’t too thrilled.

If you slow at the yellow light and stop as it turns red (instead of racing through and narrowly missing the pedestrian), again, you hold up the line behind.

But no one honked at me so I assumed the other drivers understood it’s all part of the give-and-take of sharing the roadway. Either that, or they were giving me interesting hand signals but I was too busy letting buses in and stopping at red lights to notice ….

P.S. Not in the holiday spirit yet? Here’s a snippet that should take care of that. Enjoy!


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