Day 167: A walk in the park

Says it all, doesn't it?
Says it all, doesn't it?

I went on a neighbourhood litter-collection mission today — first time since the weather’s turned really cold.

Although the walk itself was raw and bone-chilling, there were several advantages to the drop in temp.

For one thing, normally soggy discarded packages (ewww) were stiff, crispy even — much easier to pick up (and minus the not-so-lovely aroma that wafts up from each piece in the heat of summer).

And wearing gloves (for the pick up) looks a bit odd when it’s warm out, but today everyone was wearing gloves or mittens, hats, the whole nine yards.

It’s been a while since I’ve made my rounds, so I was surprised to find mostly the same array of refuse. Judging from the items I came across, fast-food seems to be responsible for about 95% of the litter out there — on my street, anyway.

I must say, though, that the fast-food packages I found aren’t limited to one establishment. Oh, no, the big three — Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Tim Hortons — are well represented. So equal-opportunity littering on my block!

The funniest thing I found were two empty paper coffee cups carefully set upright within the branches of a large bush. It looked as if the coffee drinkers thought they had been visiting the Outdoor Shrubbery Cafe, and expected foliage wait staff to come around and clear the empties. (No tips on the branches, mind you.)

I filled my bag to bursting and made my way to the recycle bin in the park, which was empty, funnily enough.

Soon, the snow will be here and cover up all this stuff till spring, so if anyone has any winter season ideas for me, please let me know.

P.S. Here’s one of my favourite winter songs (favourite songs, period, really), from Alberta lass Joni Mitchell. Enjoy!


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