Day 168: Seat saver

My bus does get rather crowded.
My bus does get rather crowded.

Saw an interesting interaction on the bus today. A man in his forties or so, his jet black hair smoothed into a ponytail, offered his seat to a blond woman about the same age.

She said, “No that’s okay,” but he kept insisting. He went so far as to stand up and step away to clear her path to the seat. Still, she refused.

“But thank you,” she said. “That’s so kind of you,” she said. Yet she remained standing. Awkward.

I felt bad for the guy because I could tell he was at a loss as to what to do next. If he sat back down, he’d look like a jerk while others were standing. If he stood up, the woman might feel guilty for making him give up his seat for naught.

You might say, he was caught between a rocking bus and a hard seat (sorry, could not resist).

When the woman explained to him that she was getting off soon anyways, I sensed that she was a little insulted that he had offered her the seat. You know, singling her out as old and feeble (hey, I’ve been there — the singled out part, not the old and feeble bit, thank you very much).

(In fact, I have an A-line style coat that was in style at one time, but now looks like maternity wear. Twice when I’ve worn it, I’ve been offered seats and, shame on me, I did take them, knowing full well it was under false pretenses.)

And my good deed? (Yes, I was getting around to that.) Even though I was very tempted, I, too remained standing.

And the empty seat? Another lady finally had enough of their “you take it” “no, you take it” tango and plunked down in the seat herself. No fool she.

P.S. If you’ve been standing all day, this song will definitely cheer you up. Enjoy!


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