Day 170: Tress maker

guardianangel1My hairdresser is a lovely lady. We’re not exactly friends, since I only see her when I have a hair emergency. But, whether it’s the highlighting fumes or the flattering lighting, confidences are shared whenever I sit on her hydraulic lift chair wearing my fetching vinyl wrap.

I’ve always tipped her generously because she performs miracles on my locks every time I go (and she hasn’t raised her prices in 10+ years) but I’ve never given her a gift at Christmas, the way other clients do.

This year, though, I knew she’d been going through some personal turmoil and might need a pick-me-up and, it turns out, I was right.

My gift wasn’t large. She loves pop music so I gave her a CD I’ve had on replay lately (some of you can probably guess which one). For some reason, not sure why, I suggested she listen to the last song on the album first — it’s called “Angels.”

When I mentioned that, I thought she was going to burst into tears right then and there. (Should’ve waited till after the hair cut!)

She proceeded to tell me a very touching story about her own experience with a “guardian angel,” which, in turn, had me on the verge of tears.

We had a great heart-to-heart talk and I left the salon with a bounce in my step — and my hair — and I hope she did too. It reminded me that friendship comes in many forms and sometimes unexpected places … and chairs…..

P.S. Here’s a live version of “Angels” for your listening pleasure. (Credit to ronaldsanfran via YouTube). Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 170: Tress maker

  1. Good morning! Recently your ‘good deed a day’ stories left me in tears, too. But now I am smiling and smiling some more. This is a joyful post!! “Angels” is my favorite of all, and no matter what version I listen to, the song in my head is always David’s “Tulsa.”
    Also, thank you for the little nudge – reminding me and others (especially at this time of year) to show extra appreciation to all who provide our services.

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