Day 170: Tress maker

guardianangel1My hairdresser is a lovely lady. We’re not exactly friends, since I only see her when I have a hair emergency. But, whether it’s the highlighting fumes or the flattering lighting, confidences are shared whenever I sit on her hydraulic lift chair wearing my fetching vinyl wrap.

I’ve always tipped her generously because she performs miracles on my locks every time I go (and she hasn’t raised her prices in 10+ years) but I’ve never given her a gift at Christmas, the way other clients do.

This year, though, I knew she’d been going through some personal turmoil and might need a pick-me-up and, it turns out, I was right.

My gift wasn’t large. She loves pop music so I gave her a CD I’ve had on replay lately (some of you can probably guess which one). For some reason, not sure why, I suggested she listen to the last song on the album first — it’s called “Angels.”

When I mentioned that, I thought she was going to burst into tears right then and there. (Should’ve waited till after the hair cut!)

She proceeded to tell me a very touching story about her own experience with a “guardian angel,” which, in turn, had me on the verge of tears.

We had a great heart-to-heart talk and I left the salon with a bounce in my step — and my hair — and I hope she did too. It reminded me that friendship comes in many forms and sometimes unexpected places … and chairs…..

P.S. Here’s a live version of “Angels” for your listening pleasure. (Credit to ronaldsanfran via YouTube). Enjoy!



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2 responses to “Day 170: Tress maker

  1. Bea

    Good morning! Recently your ‘good deed a day’ stories left me in tears, too. But now I am smiling and smiling some more. This is a joyful post!! “Angels” is my favorite of all, and no matter what version I listen to, the song in my head is always David’s “Tulsa.”
    Also, thank you for the little nudge – reminding me and others (especially at this time of year) to show extra appreciation to all who provide our services.

  2. gooddeedaday

    Thanks, Bea! Angels is one of my absolute favourites, too!

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