Day 173: Street teens

Knitting pretty
Knitting pretty

I’ve been making donations here and there over the past few years to Covenant House (Canada’s largest shelter for homeless youth) but today was the first time I’d seen them hitting the streets to raise funds.

Tough times demand tough measures I guess.

A Covenant House volunteer was wearing a blue vest and ID tag holding a blue bucket and was bellowing for passersby to toss in any loose change they had to “help keep kids off the street this winter.”

I was impressed with how many kind hearted folk tossed their coins in (and thanks to my strategy of prestocking my pockets with coins when heading downtown I was ready for him – actually I also gave a bit extra.)

They do wonderful work at Covenant House and when I checked out their website when I got home, found out donations will go towards giving street kids at home this Christmas: “As many as 122 street kids will spend Christmas in Covenant House’s shelter and more who are living on their own will depend on the agency for warm clothes, food and support.”

I also read on the site that, for the past three years, students at Notre Dame High School in Toronto have been knitting one and pearling two for their peers as part of a knitting club called “Teens for Teens.” The student knitters have produced dozens of scarves, mitts and hats for street youth at Covenant House.

P.S. One of my favourite things about this time of year is the music (you might have noticed that already 🙂 ). Here’s another beautiful holiday song. Peace!


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