Day 174: Christmas wish

Every December for the 42 years, CP24/CHUM-FM radio in Toronto has held an event to support the Christmas Wish toy drive. This group collects unwrapped toys, gift cards, games so underprivileged Toronto kids and teens will have a gift to wake up to Christmas morning.

The three morning deejays host the show in a small hotel ballroom that holds about 270 people. They invite a few performers and sports figures to drop by and entertain the crowd. Canadian bands, such as Blue Rodeo, have appeared in past events.

This year, the special guests included Curtis “Cujo” Joseph, Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender, Toronto Mayor David Miller, and Canadian Idols Theo Tams and Eva Avila.

The headliner for the event was David Archuleta, this year’s American Idol runner-up. The promotions director at the station told a friend that Chum was pleasantly surprised Archuleta agreed to come (no other American Idol has in the past). He flew directly from a concert in Houston to perform one song in Toronto at 7:30 a.m. before driving to Buffalo for another show the same night.

The fact that he made time in a busy schedule for a charity function in a city not his own, a country not his own, impressed me no end. The event sold out in record time and was a huge success for Christmas Wish. The toys and donations came flooding in and the station was inundated with calls.

I was thrilled to be able to buy a ticket to support the event and brought HMV gift cards (which had been suggested were needed for the older kids) as my donation to the cause.

I know this holiday is about more than presents but knowing my gift may have helped put a smile on a child’s face on Christmas morning surely help put one on mine.

P.S. Here’s Theo singing “Christmas Dream.”


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