Day 179: Food for thought

Grain power.
Grain power.

Who knew that playing a game online could help end hunger. That’s what I did today at

It’s a fun site where kids (of all ages) can play educational vocabulary and math games and each correct answer results in a donation of rice to the United Nations World Food Program to end hunger.

A very worthy cause, considering that about 25,000 people die each day from hunger or hunger-related causes, most of them children, according the U.N.

The FreeRice site went online in early October and, so far, has generated enough rice to feed more than two million people.

In the English vocabulary section, I correctly picked the correct meaning for scuffle, futility and zenith, for starters. For every question I answered correctly, the sponsors of the site donated 20 grains of rice.

Just when I thought it was too easy, I was almost stumped by “agger.” I took a lucky guess and got it right (turns out, it means double tide … who knew?) and bingo, 20 more grains.

It’s a little addictive actually but educational, and all for a good cause. The link was sent to me by a colleague and I’ll definitely be passing it along to parents, teachers, word nerds — that pretty much covers most of the people I know.

It was fun, so I feel a little guilty including it as a good deed. Of course, I haven’t tried the math questions yet….

P.S. Another beautiful carol for the holiday season. Enjoy!


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