Day 182: What a card

creditcardcartoonNothing like the holidays to make you over think things. I was at my local shopping plaza today at the automatic driver’s license renewal kiosk and found someone had left their credit card in the machine.

I looked around but couldn’t see anyone who appeared to be looking for a card. (Not sure what I expected — someone shrieking, “Help! My name is Jane Doe and I can’t find my CIBC Visa!”? Not likely.)

This card-leaver immediately had my sympathies. I’ve done the same thing (same time of year, too, Boxing Day, I think it was) and I know how easily it can happen and how panic-stricken you feel when you notice your card’s missing.

I made my way to the security desk at the centre of the mall. As soon as the security guy on duty finished up with another shopper, I handed him the card and explained where I found it.

Then I started to wonder if the person would think to come to the security desk to ask about the card. So I found a slip of paper, wrote a note that said, “If you left your credit card in this machine, it’s been turned into the security desk opposite the pharmacy.” I walked back and tucked the note into the top of the kiosk.

Then I got to thinking, maybe the person noticed the card was missing right away and has cancelled the card. In other words, why did I bother leaving it with security? And leaving the note?

Then I thought, what if the person hadn’t done that and some unscrupulous person had found it and tried to use it? In that case it made complete sense to turn it in.

Wow, now my head hurts!

P.S. I don’t know about you, but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas time for me, without a little Charlie Brown. Enjoy!


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