Day 183: Sweet on you

I heart chocolate!
I heart chocolate!

Today was “snowmaggeddon,” as one friend called it. Shovelling was futile, it just kept falling.

I did manage to trek over to the store to stock up on a few provisions before the roads became impassible.

One of my stops was to a chocolate shop (I know what you’re thinking, it was to buy a gift!). The ladies behind the counter looked harried as they rushed to fill a stack of gift boxes with preordered bonbons.

My purchase was a small one, so I waited for a break in the action before I got the cashier’s attention. When she came over, she looked completely frazzled — it reminded me that classic I Love Lucy episode where Lucy’s working in a candy factor and can’t keep up with the chocolates rolling by on the conveyor belt.

I smiled and told the lady that she and her colleagues looked like they were working in Santa’s workshop. She laughed and told me about their rush order and how crazy busy they’d been. “So much for a slow economy,” she joked.

We chatted for no more than a minute, so I wasn’t sure if I’d really made a difference in her day until I came across the following story (on the great website).

It reminded me that even small gestures can change someone’s mood, so I’ll try to keep that in mind, especially over the holidays.

Three little things that made a big difference
— by MakeSomeoneSmile

This week I was reminded that everything we do matters in life. I did three small things that I found out made a big difference to someone else.

I waved to a new neighbour who was intensely watching her little boy in the yard. She broke into a smile and a few days later told me that I had changed the rest of her day for the better with my small gesture.

When I was in the drugstore, the woman stocking cold medicine dropped one. I picked it up and handed it to her, thinking nothing of it. She thanked me and told me her back was hurting and she appreciated what I did.

I found that a few kind words can touch someone more deeply than you ever could have known. “Thank you” does matter and can make someone feel appreciated. A sincere “I’m sorry” does make a difference and can lighten a difficult situation. And a few thoughts from the heart grow larger when they reach someone else’s heart.

I barely thought much about it when I did any of these things. But I was reminded yet again that everything we do matters. Never underestimate the impact you may have on someone!

P.S. Here’s that chocolate-dipped I Love Lucy clip. Enjoy!


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