Day 185: Song in his heart

A true guitar hero.
Guitar hero.

Had a very quiet day, good-deed wise. I did hold the door open for some frozen parishioners trying to rush into church and get out of the cold.

About half way through the service, I also spotted a pair of gloves that had slid off the pew in front of me onto the floor. They were at the far end, so I waited for a hymn to start, which meant everyone would stand up. Then I scooted over to that side, picked up the gloves and slid them onto the seat without anyone noticing. (Everyone behind me noticed, I suppose….)

On Sundays, I like to spotlight everyday heroes, and my hero today is a pretty famous one … none other than Canadian folk icon Gordon Lightfoot.

Not because of his music — although I love his gravelly voice and haunting songs — but because of his kindness.

According to Toronto’s Globe and Mail newspaper, since the spring, Lightfoot has been stopping to chat with a panhandler near Toronto’s Sheraton Centre and giving him $5 or so each time. One day, Lightfoot asked if the man would like to see one of his concerts and — no fool he — the man said yes.

Not only did Lightfoot arrange for some prime Massey Hall seats for the guy, but also a backstage tour.

In between songs, the man was so overcome with gratitude, he reportedly called out, “I love you, man!”

To which, Lightfoot joked from the stage, “We’ll talk about that later.”

Warms my heart to hear of such a thoughtful and caring gesture from one of Canada’s music legends. He’s certainly my guitar hero ….

P.S. Here’s one of my favourite of Lightfoot’s songs (always makes me cry… love it!):


4 thoughts on “Day 185: Song in his heart

  1. This is not a surprise to those who know him. He’s often given of his time and money to good causes, much of which is not publicized. He’s just a downhome, self-effacing, grateful citizen of Toronto who does what he can to help those in need and considers it no big deal to do so.

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