Day 186: Rocket man

Top Gun Jr.
Top Gun Jr.

I was caught between a good deed and a hard Salvation Army kettle today, folks.

At the mall, I spotted a new installation of those cute coin-operated kiddie rides. You know, the ones shaped like hot rods or planes or giant frogs that rock up and down and back and forth while lights flash? (I miss them so.)

I wanted to slip a few coins into the slot of one of them so the next kid who came along would get a free ride, but my husband said, “Why don’t you donate the money to that nice Salvation Army lady over there, instead?” (He phrased it differently though, I think the words “are you” and “crazy” came up.)

I probably don’t need to tell you what I did next…. But of course, I will… (would be a pretty lame post, otherwise, correct?).

I did walk over to the nice Sally Ann lady (have a feeling her name was neither Sally nor Ann, though).

I wished her a Merry Christmas and dropped my donation into her kettle. I thanked her for doing such a great job (which she was — poor thing looked as though she’d been on her feet all day).

Then, at the other end of the mall, I set my sights on a sweet spaceship ride — lime green with red rockets in back. I placed my $1 coin on the coin slot box in front of the seat so it could only be seen if you were getting into the spaceship “cockpit.”

I left to continue with my errands but looked back when I heard some action in the play area.

It warmed my heart to see a little boy laughing and waving to his parents from his ride into outer space – maybe I should have suggested the Sally Ann lady take a break and do the same!

P.S. You may have guess by now that I have a thing for Christmas carols. Here’s a beautiful one from Canada’s own Barenaked Ladies with Sarah McLachlan. Enjoy!


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