Day 187: Sick day deed

Sure it's pretty, but watch your step....
Sure it's pretty, but watch your step....

I was feeling under the weather today – like I’d been run over by a rather large truck.

So my good deed was done by proxy. I didn’t plan it that way, as I mention on the “About Me” page, my lovely husband, Guy, inspires me every day with the kindness he shows to strangers and today was no exception.

Today, he trudged through the snow to the pharmacy to pick up some much needed meds for me (a good deed in itself).

On the way home, he noticed a man in his eighties wearing only a thin coat and no hat struggling to walk into the wind.

The man was about to lose his balance on the unshovelled walkway, so Guy rushed over and caught him just before he fell.

Then he offered the man his arm to lean on as they crossed the intersection. He did take Guy’s arm and they made their way safely across the street to the bus stop.

“You are very kind,” the man said. “Thank you.”

Guy told him he was very welcome and that he hoped that if his own dad were ever in the same position, someone would help him in the same way.

All day, I’d been feeling like I’d been run over, but when Guy got home and told me what happened I felt like a million bucks… make that euros….

Everyday hero

In the “Day 185: Song in his heart” post, I included a story of a recent good deed by Canadian music legend Gordon Lightfoot. The story prompted a comment from one reader (thanks, Floretta), which was so heartwarming, I’d like to include it here:

“This is not a surprise to those who know him. He’s often given of his time and money to good causes, much of which is not publicized. He’s just a downhome, self-effacing, grateful citizen of Toronto who does what he can to help those in need and considers it no big deal to do so.” Guitar hero, indeed.

P.S. Here’s Matt Dusk’s song “Cool Yule” played at a dance class I’d love to be in (from headoverheelsdance via YouTube). Enjoy and have a Cool Yule!


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