Day 192: Playing ketchup

I do hate when that happens.
I do hate when that happens.

I was good-deed multitasking today at the supermarket. First, I returned a few carts to the collection spot in the parking lot.

Then, I noticed the most angelic looking little girl quietly rolling tins out of her parents’ shopping cart onto the floor. Dressed all in pink, she sat in the top of the cart while Mom and Dad were browsing the shelves. She giggled away as she dropped one tin then another to the floor.

I wondered why her parents didn’t hear the loud thuds, but they remained laser-focused on comparison shopping. (Hmm, selective hearing loss, much like myself.)

I returned the cans to the dad who looked puzzled as to how they “fell” out.

Then I headed for the condiment aisle for my food bank purchase. I’ve been trying to pick up one or two items each week or so rather than waiting to fill a whole bag once or twice a year.

When I asked for suggestions a while back as to what kinds of things I should get, a friend whose mom volunteers at their local food bank suggested condiments. She said they are often in short supply. Guess they’re considered a “frill” but, hey, it’s Christmas!

i_heart_ketchup20So off I went to peruse the various jars and bottles, and settled on a few basics. Ketchup (goes with everything, right, kids?), mayo (more for the grownups), and mustard (my personal favourite flavour enhancer). I also picked up pasta and a tin of plum tomatoes (I’m half-Italian… they practically jumped into my cart).

When I took my bag to the food bank bin located at the front of the store, I had to balance my purchases on a pile at the side. The bin was not only full but overflowing.

It was heartwarming to see how much food people donated. And I admit, I peeked in some of the bags to get ideas for next time. My friend was right … no condiments!

P.S. In my search for a mustard-related picture, I came upon the most amazing website for The Mustard Museum in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

They have more than 4,600 jars, bottles, and tubes of mustard from more than 60 countries, along with “hundreds of items of great mustard historical importance,” according to their site. I must go there someday.

P.P.S. Here’s a haunting version of one of my favourite carols, “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” by Sixpence None the Richer. Enjoy!


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