Day 196: Say fromage

"Hurry up and snap the photo, dear."
"Hurry up and snap the photo, dear."

I started the New Year with a smile. A few smiles actually.

Last time I put on a happy face and walked through the neighbourhood, I got the distinct impression I freaked out a few people and caused at least one to cross the street.

As a friend from Gananoque, Ont., (pop. 5,285) told me when she first read this blog: “It’s obvious you don’t live in a small town,” she laughed.

She meant that helping others is just what people do in small towns – no need to work at it. I’m sure smiling and saying hello go along with that.

But as friendly as Toronto is, smiling at strangers definitely rattles people — I found that out the hard way.

So I was more prudent this time. I limited my smiles to the cashier at the coffee shop and the corner store, a few neighbours and the couple I let in front of me in line at the movie theatre (because their show was about to begin).

And the reactions I got were much better this time out. Most people smiled back and I even got a couple of nods … and a hello!

smilelyricsDid you know?:

  • “Smile” was the theme music for Charlie Chaplin’s last silent picture, Modern Times, in 1936. Charlie Chaplin wrote the music and John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons the lyrics. Nat King Cole later recorded the song, which soon became a classic.
  • The presence of cheek dimples is controlled by a single gene.
  • There’s a special smile known as the “Duchenne.” This smile contracts the zygomatic muscles of the cheek and eye, forming crow’s feet. The crow’s feet indicate that the smile is genuine and that the smiler is truly happy. It was discovered by and is named after Guillaume Duchenne. (Pretty cool, having a smile named after you!)

And this Potter Puppet Pals video made me smile (my favourite summer job ever was as a puppeteer … in one show, I was the voice of both Beauty and The Beast!). Enjoy!


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