Day 199: Cart wheels

closetohomeshoppingcartI did 25 cents’ worth of good deeds today. (Doesn’t sound like much, does it?)

I was at the grocery store picking up a few items — so few, in fact, that I was able to use the express checkout line without having to count the four tomatoes attached to one vine as “one.”

I didn’t actually need a shopping cart, but when I saw an older man struggling to pull one free, I got my inspiration.

The carts were tucked one inside the other and chained together (they could be released for a quarter, which you’d get back when you returned the cart).

Unfortunately, my change purse held but a single quarter, so one cart was going to be my limit. I inserted the coin in the slot and disconnected the chain linking it to the next cart.

Next time, I’ll try to make sure I have a few quarters ready, but today I sprung just the one so the next person:
(a) wouldn’t have to struggle to get one free,
(b) didn’t need to have exact change to get a cart, and
(c) might consider leaving it unhooked for the next person.

If the next shopper didn’t choose (c) then they’d get a free quarter. Who knows, that might have been just enough to make someone’s day (heck, I love finding even a penny on the sidewalk).

Small potatoes, I know, but you can’t get too much these days for 25 cents….

Everyday hero
On Sundays, I like to spotlight an everyday hero and, today, it’s a Toronto transit worker.

This weekend, the Globe and Mail newspaper printed responses to an earlier request for readers to share what they love about Toronto.

One reader wrote: “I love the TTC driver on the Red Rocket route to the airport who retrieved my purse left on his bus but would not take a tip for notifying me because, he said,’I saw by your driver’s licence that you were the same age as my mother and I knew how upset she would be if she lost her purse.’ Definitely, an everyday hero.

Another everyday hero to me is my true-blue husband, whose birthday is tomorrow. For him I include this song — our song — “A Kiss to Build a Dream On.” Enjoy!


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