Day 201: Single mom savings

Omigosh, it's Sally, my alter ego!
Omigosh, it's Sally, my alter ego!

A while back, a reader alerted me to a great website called (thanks, Heather!) where free coupons, redeemable at grocery stores across Canada, can be ordered online. The coupons are then mailed to you at no charge.

When I received my first batch of coupons, I took them over to the store and surreptitiously attached them to the matching products (using my super-secret Scotch tape dispenser). The idea was that the next shopper would get a surprise discount.

To order another batch today, I checked the website and was pleased to find a whole new selection of products to choose from.

Since the coupons aren’t for me, it was a little strange choosing them.

I had to sort of adopt another identity – someone who I thought might appreciate the coupons the most.

I decided to be a single mom with an infant, a toddler and a dog who wants to add fibre to her diet. (Except, for the dog, kids and single part, someone just like me!)

Should I reveal which products I chose? Nah, I’ll leave you in suspense until the next installment of “As the Coupons Turn: The Sequel.” (Basically, when they arrive in the mail and I try to distribute them around the store without management escorting me from the premises.)

Stay tuned….

The gift of music
Here’s a follow-up to my Day 141: Team Archie post: As you may recall, in order to help prevent music piracy and to share the music of singer David Archuleta, this Team has organized online auctions, donations and a gifting program whereby fans who can afford to, buy CDs for fans who can’t.

These kind volunteers also gift fans in countries who may not have access to U.S. CDs for months, if at all, and who may otherwise need to resort to pirating the discs. I’ve donated to The Team but I’m also a recipient. Today, I received a U.S. copy of one of the bonus-track CDs that wasn’t available in Canada. Thanks, Team Archie!

P.S. And here is that bonus track (in a lighthearted video created by a fan in the U.K. Credit: ratioetfides via YouTube). Enjoy!


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