Day 202: Misty water-coloured memories

snowshovellingcartoonThere’s nothing like walking in another man’s shoes … to make you appreciate your own.

If you change “shoes” to snow boots – that’s what I did this morning.

My dear husband is currently painting the ceiling at our front door, making my snow boots (in the front hall closet) inaccessible to me and my feet.

Why did I need snow boots? To go outside and shovel the layer of new snow on our front porch.

Why now? So that the local charity rep collecting used clothing had a clear path to walk on when picking up my donation.

Confession time. I completely forgot they were coming today. Until I woke up in a cold sweat and thought ,“Omigosh, they’re coming today.” I then ran around in my pjs and made some quick decisions about what to donate.

My actual good deed is honouring my husband’s wishes and resisting the temptation to throw in even one of his 349 or so T-shirts. Or those slacks that will only come in handy if Toronto is every struck by a flash flood.

Such pressure did make it easier to part with a purse that I love. One that would be so perfect for that garden party I’m sure to be invited to now that I’ve given it away.

I made sure I put some pennies in the purse. A superstition my mom passed along (putting pennies in a gifted wallet or handbag). Maybe they’ll bring the new owner good fortune… or a garden party invite….

dosomethinglogoDo-gooder teens
Back on Day 52 (**hums “Memories” from The Way We Were**) I wrote about a wonderful website called that aims to: “Use the power of online to get teens to do good stuff offline.”

Each week in 2009, Do Something and the Dunkin Brands Community Foundation will offer $500 Disaster Grants to young folk (age 25 and under), across the U.S. and Canada (I checked that twice, cause these things are usually available in the U.S. alone). The grants will be given for community project ideas involving disaster preparedness and emergency response.

So if you know of a youthful good-deeder, please pass this info along. Click here to find out how to apply.

Project examples given: “Are you building houses down in New Orleans, planning an emergency coat drive for families in crisis this winter, or collected toys for kids who’ve been through a natural disaster? Then we want to hear from you!”

(And the Official Disaster Grant spokesperson? None other than Good Deed A Day’s unofficial music director, Mr. David Archuleta. Congrats, David!)

It’s a cute site. There’s a page called “Old People” that used to specify it was “for those over 25 or so who want to help young people do something.” Ouch. They still have the page but now say it’s for everyone who’s no longer a teenager. Double ouch.

P.S. If you like Lost and the new single “A Little Too Not Over You,” this video’s for you (Credit: blondstarlol via YouTube). Enjoy!:


3 thoughts on “Day 202: Misty water-coloured memories

  1. Spike

    I think that your blog site should be called a ‘woman in love’. It is wonderful to read about someone still so blinding in love with ? or should I say still appreciative of her husband. Please do a super good deed for him on my behalf.


  2. Your email letter to airlines is a very good idea, and even though I live in London England I sent off an email letter. However I did add that gluten free meals should be available as well as reduced salt and sugar servings.

    Thanks for taking this important issue forward.

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