Day 203: Bin there, done that

I’m all for recycling — and reducing and reusing, for that matter. But the new supersized recycling bins that have been issued across the city? Not so much.

They come in three sizes and I swear the XXL bin we have is bigger than my first apartment.

This makes them tricky to wheel through the ice and snow to the curb and back. And when the snowplow goes by and creates a virtual Rocky Mountain range along the curb, the bins often get buried or tipped over.

Today, in fact, I spotted a neighbour’s gynormous recycle bin and smaller green bin (for biodegradable waste) that had toppled over right onto the road.

I hoisted the containers upright and moved them back onto the driveway. Then, I wheeled them back toward the house, hoping the neighbour’s dog wouldn’t start barking and alert them (can’t have them catch me in a random act of good-deed doing).

Anonymity is part of the code, after all. Maybe I need a mask? A recycled one, of course….

Airplane food … allergies
Today, I received an email from a former colleague asking me to sign an online petition to Air Canada and WestJet executives to let them know that a great number of their passengers want to see improved food allergy policies. It read, in part:

“Flying with our son is always life-threatening and the act of simply filling in the blanks within the attachment (30 seconds total) will help make flights safer for those suffering with severe food allergies.”

I was happy to do that (and on the second page, clicked the box that said I was “someone concerned about individuals who live with serious food allergies”). If that describes you as well, you can click here to participate.

P.S. After all this serious stuff, thought I’d end with something joyful. I heard today that Toronto’s Nathaniel Dett Chorale has been invited to perform at the Inauguration of the new U.S. President, Barack Obama, in Washington, D.C. Here’s the Chorale singing “Joy” with Jackie Richardson (credit: RiddleFilms). En-joy!


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