Day 204: Good deeds come in small packages

Now that's cold.
Now that's cold.

My good deeds were small ones today. I sent off a thank you note to someone I’ve never met for a kindness done on my behalf.

I also checked up on the little cedar tree I put back into place after it was knocked over during a windstorm a week and a half ago (see “Day 194: Tree time”). I’m happy to report it’s in stable condition, resting comfortably, full recovery expected.

I also nodded hello and smiled at one of my neighbours. (Although I was bundled up like a dog-sled musher, so I’m not sure that he caught the smile. He was shovelling his driveway, and definitely not smiling.)

mec_logo_v1_m56577569830614294A long trip for long johns
Listening to CBC radio this morning, I heard about a very generous gift made my Mountain Equipment Coop to the Great White North and wanted to share it with you.

Canada’s leading supplier of outdoor clothing and equipment recently donated 4,700 pair of thermal long underwear (children’s sizes 8 to 16) to schools in the Yukon, where temperatures dipped to 50 below (Celsius) today. And they even shipped them for free.

A good deed that warmed more than just hearts ….

P.S. Also heartwarming is this beautiful song. The subject of the video is U.S. military families, but the theme is universal — the power of unconditional love (credit: Rascalrg via YouTube). Enjoy!


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