Day 205: Walk a mile in my shoes

An entire museum devoted to shoes ... I love this town.
Bata Shoe Museum: An entire museum devoted to shoes ... I love this town!

I gave away several pairs of shoes today. Anyone who knows me well will appreciate how difficult this was.

I don’t just buy shoes, I adopt them. They become part of my family, my circle of friends. They complete me.

I love to shop for them, wear them, kiss them goodnight. Okay, I made up that last one but, trust me, I’m a shoe freak.

So when my husband told me about Toronto’s Shoe Drive for the Homeless, I started to feel premature separation anxiety because I knew I needed to part with at least one pair.

It felt like donating a kidney. Maybe without the incision, blood and risk of complications, but still not easy for me.

This winter bites, however. It’s cold and bitter and, the fact is, I do have a gently used pair of boots I no longer wear. I also have two pairs of loafers that I wore maybe twice (until my niece asked why I was wearing “grandpa” shoes — ouch).

I know what you’re thinking: “Get over yourself and your shoe fetish, it’s no big deal.” And I know you’re right … after all, if the shoe fits (sorry, could not resist)….

Jeremy Irons gives Shoe Drive the boot.
Jeremy Irons gives Shoe Drive the boot.

Shoe Drive for the Homeless
Here are the details:

Dates: Jan. 8 to Feb. 15, 2009
Locations: Donations collected at all six Toronto-area Ron White shoe stores (2 in Manulife Centre, Bayview Village, 2465 Yonge (at Eglinton), Sherway Gardens, Downtown Oakville).

TORONTO – Oscar-winner Jeremy Irons and Passchendaele star Paul Gross are among the stars lending their soles in support of the homeless.

The award-winning actors are among the celebs partnering with Ron White for the 13th annual Shoe Drive for the Homeless. Each celebrity donor will autograph and donate gently worn shoes to the Canadian footwear retailer.

The shoe drive is touted as the largest of its kind in Canada and has collected and distributed more than 16,000 pairs of shoes and boots for the needy.

This year’s charitable partners include the Out Of The Cold program, Red Door Family Shelter and Halton Women’s Place.
— The Canadian Press


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