Day 212: Need a lift?

elevatoroperatorThey should really outfit walkers with snow tires.

Took my mom to church tonight and dashing through the snow from the parking lot with her Nexus 2000 was no picnic. Fortunately, inside the building they now have an elevator for anyone with mobility issues.

The church was built in the late 1950s but about 15 years ago they installed an elevator to make the building more accessible. There’s a plaque by the exit thanking the parishioners for the “time, talent and treasure” they donated to make the installation possible.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the most user-friendly elevator around. There are no buttons on the inside, so parishioners can’t go up or down by themselves. It requires an operator with a special key. And it’s so small it only holds two people (including the operator) at a time.

This means it’s only usable when there’s an operator on duty – a volunteer. The weekend operator is Andre, a lovely man from Sri Lanka who volunteers his time before and after all the weekend masses to ferry people up and down.

He always dresses in a smart dark suit and helps his passengers, if needed, in and out of the elevator. Always with a smile.

Andre could be my everyday hero every day. He’s looking for work at the moment and has a family to support so I slipped my mom a small amount today to offer him as a thank you.

It would be great if the parish could afford to upgrade the elevator some day but I think everyone would miss the quirky lift — they’d definitely miss Andre….

P.S. Another step back in time, here’s “Faithless Love” by J.D. Souther, one of my favourite songwriters. Enjoy!


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